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Dahi Handi Muhurat

Krishna Janmashtami cannot be imagined without Dahi Handi event. Dahi Handi is quite popular among the people of all ages. Be it a child, matured or aged, everyone wait Dahi Handi throughout the year. Dahi Handi event is organized next day of Janmashtami.


What is all about Dahi Handi


Dahi Handi event belongs to a great event in which a pot stuffed with curd/yogurt is placed at a good height. The young people take part in the competition to break it. The team who gets success to break it is appreciated and dance & music is performed to celebrate the victory.


Why Dahi Handi Event is Performed


Actually Lord Krishna was quite mischievous in his childhood. Being a toddler, he was quite passionate about dairy products especial Yogurt and Malai. In his childhood, he does not only eat Yogurt and Malai in his house but never miss chance to target others house too. In this connection, Lord Krishna’s also take the help of his friends as well. On Krishna Janmashtami, the Dahi Handi event is celebrated to keep all these things in mind.


Dahi Handi Muhurat in 2016


It will be celebrated on August 26th, 2016 with a great enthusiasm on a large scale. Dahi Handi event is organised on a large scale, especially in Mumbai and Delhi. During the performance, devotees keep chanting Govinda Aalaa Re… It is celebrated every year at many places all across the world.


Many teams take part to crack Dahi Handi. And the winning team is rewarded with a good price. Organizing this type of event is quite essential as they become a way to bring all people at one platform. Apart from it, tensions get removed and we all welcome the life. So, do not forget to take part Dahi Handi event this year.


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