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 Choghadiya Many of you may not know about Chogadia. But it’s essential to consider Chogadia at the time to kicking off something new and auspicious.


Chogadia can be divided into auspicious unit and inauspicious unit. And auspicious unit is considered as same as lucky day and date. And lucky time should be considered. Here, we are going to explore about it.


What Is All About Chogadia ?


Chogadia belongs to auspicious and inauspicious unit which occurs throughout the day and night. And therefore day and night get divided into two units called auspicious and inauspicious.


If you consider auspicious unit at the time of buying a vehicle or starting new, and inauspicious unit should avoid at the time of consider important work. Inauspicious unit is also considering neglecting as per Jyotish. As per priests and Jyotish, new projects and journey must avoid during inauspicious unit.


How Many Types Of Chogadia ?


There are a total number of 7 types of units. And 4 units of them Amrit, Subh, Labh and Char are considered auspicious while 3 of them Rog, Kaal and Udveg come in the category of inauspicious.


These three units are recommended to avoid. The entire seven units occur throughout the day and that’s why inauspicious 3 units are considered to avoid.


How Chogadia Is Calculated ?


Chogadia revolves around the sunrise and sunset. And it’s very popular in Gujrat. Chogadia gets changed as per the place to place. The time between Sunrise and Sunset is called Day Chogadia while the time which starts with sunset to next sunrise is called Night Chogadia.


So, if you have been muddling about a lucky day to start something new then don’t forget to keep in mind about the auspicious unit of Chogadia. Kicking off something new during inauspicious unit will not be fruitful.


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