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Chhath Puja Fast and Foods

Chhath Puja is widely popular all across India dedicated to Lord Surya. On this day, devotees keep fasting. It is a four days festival. And it is opened with eating Chhath Puja Prasad.


Chhath Puja Foods/Prasad


An especially kind of Prasad is prepared on this day using varieties of grains. Thekua is the name of traditional sweet made on this auspicious day. It is cooked with using flour, jiggery or sugar in the morning of Sandhya Ghats. To prepare this Prasad devotees make sure the cleanliness of the place where is cooked.


Apart from Thekua, Suthuni, Sugarcane with green leaves, Aruwa, Paddy, Lemon, Gagal, Coconut, Banana, Rice Kheer, Malpua and Gulgule are also included. All these delicious things are prepared on the auspicious day of Chhath.


Chhath Puja Fast


  • On the first day of Chhath, devotees have to take only one-time-meal which is also taken after sunset.
  • On the second day, adult married ladies go for having fast for the whole day. And they break bread only after sunset after doing Puja.
  • On the third day, they have to keep fast without food and water for the next 36 hours.
  • On the fourth day, they open their fast after serving Lord Sun rising in the morning.


To open fast, Parvaitins walked down to water bodies along with their family members. They welcome the sun with their folded hands and worship him Chanting Mantras. They offer various things to Lord Surya in order to accomplish pooja like vermillion, rice, fruits, sandalwood and so on.


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