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Chandra Puja Vidhi

Chandra Puja Vidhi Monday is best day to perform the Lord Chandra pooja. If you have been suffering from any kind of malefic Chandra then you must organize Chandra Puja. Performing Chandra Puja is very beneficial to reduce the malefic effect of wrongly placed Chandra.


Lord Chandra controls five senses of human life. Chandra Pooja is ruled by planet moon. If in your rashi planet moon not to going well, you need to perform this pooja. It help to remove all side-effect those came for that.


It is very much beneficial to lift up your fulfilment, attraction, charm, pull and charisma. That why it play big role to get incredible success. It is very sacred pooja and known form making the wishes true.


How to Do Puja of Lord Chandra -


To perform this pooja, you must collect all the mentioned below items to make this pooja successful.


  1. Kapur
  2. curd
  3. Mishri
  4. White cloth
  5. Shankha
  6. Sinkada ka Atta
  7. Flower
  8. Incense
  9. Dhoop
  10. Fragrance
  11. Roli
  12. Moli
  13. Ghee
  14. Earthen Lamp
  15. Garland
  16. Fruits


Chandra Puja Vidhi -


  1. Get up early in the morning and take shower.
  2. Fold your hands and close your eyes and remember about God Chandra. During puja, keep chanting mantras “ Om Som somay Namah ’’ at least 108 times.
  3. Light up the lamp and sticks in Pooja Mandir.
  4. On this day, do not eat sweet curd of Kheer.
  5. To make this pooja successful, donate various thing like curd, Mishri, White cloth, Shankha, Sinkada ka Atta and fruits to needy.
  6. Do not forget to chant Chandra mantra Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya Namah throughout the day.
  7. During fast, you can eat one time food but it should be without salt and grains.


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