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Buy Chandra Puja Kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit


The Chandra is a lunar god. Chandra (moon) is otherwise called Soma and related to the Vedic Lunar god Soma. He is depicted as youthful, lovely, reasonable; two-equipped and having in his grasp a club and a lotus.


He rides his chariot (the moon) over the sky each night, pulled by ten white steeds or an antelope. He is associated with dew, and as such, is one of the divine forces of ripeness.


He is likewise called Nishadipati (Nisha = night; Adipathi = Lord) and Kshuparaka (one who lights up the night).


He as Soma, manages Somvar or Monday. MANTRA: Om sram srim sraum sah chandraya namah. To be droned on Monday evening, particularly amid major or minor Moon periods. On Mondays, particularly amid Moon travels and major or minor Moon periods.


The planetary divinity Chandra is satisfied expanding emotional wellness and genuine feelings of serenity.


Chandra Puja Kit’s Samagrim :-


  1. White Cloth – 1 pc
  2. White Rice – 1 kg
  3. White string ,
  4. White pearl ,
  5. Chandra Yantra – 1 pc
  6. White sugar
  7. Kapoor
  8. Indian Rs 51
  9. Silver Chandra Pratima,
  10. Kumkum Powder – 1 packet
  11. Sindhur Powder – 1 packet
  12. Gulal – 1 packet
  13. Haldi Powder – 1 Packet
  14. Kapoor Tablets – 2 packets
  15. Dhoop – 1 packet
  16. Nariyal - 2
  17. Kapas Vat
  18. Kapas Phool Vati,
  19. Khadi Shakkar,
  20. Incense stick – 1 Packet
  21. Janev,
  22. Gopi Chandan,
  23. Mouli,
  24. Kesar,
  25. Ashta Gandha,
  26. Chandan Powder,
  27. Abir white


All things are named and stuffed in a tight and secure plastic sack. Advantages of canard Puja kit have been demonstrated from visionary and additionally logical perspective.


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