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Chandra Grahan Puja Vidhi

Chandra Grahan Puja Vidhi Chandra is the sign ruler of Cancer sign and is in charge of the different parts of cerebrum and psyche, sentiments, feelings, tenderness, parenthood, creative ability and considering.


This planet is great companions with Surya and Buddha and doesn't have any adversary planet.


Chandra Puja is completed to conciliate Lord Chandra, the divine force of the moon. This Puja brings about expanding advantages of upgraded focus, appealing identity, mental peace and control over feelings.


Contingent on the position of the moon with different planets in the important places of one's horoscope it might get malefic or gainful impacts the occasions of their lives.


This Puja for mollifying the moon is completed on Mondays and in Moon Hora. It likewise renders intense impacts if completed amid Chaturthi and Poornima.


This Puja brings peace through placidness of psyche, uprightness of activities, spread of Love and fondness, improves confidence and self-assurance, and brings bliss and flourishing and en showers with great wellbeing and physical wellness of brain and body. This Puja shields from the perils of ailments of the stomach, ulcer issues and issues of the digestive organs.


Chandra Grahan Puja Vidhi –


In this puja Rahu and Ketu symbols are adored and Abhishek is performed. Notwithstanding this Navagraha puja is performed and exceptional things identified with Rahu and Ketu are given.


Facilitate Food is given to the penniless. To get free off ominous aftereffects of a planet, Yagya/Havan is a noteworthy cure. Materials utilized as a part of Hawan is sufficient useful. These stuffs make surroundings sacred alongside mollifying planet.


Hawan stuffs contain a few sorts of roots and herbs and because of this reason its fiery remains is additionally extremely advantageous and lighten the a few illnesses completely. Yagya incorporates Mantra droning, Tarpan, Havan and Brahmin Bhojan.


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