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Cancer Zodiac Sign Peoples Do and Avoid these in Year 2017

Cancer Zodiac Sign :-


Month To do Not to do
January Spending time with family will make you distress of past experiences. Do not fall for the traps of your enemies
February This is a time to spend on your loved ones, take them out for outings this will strengthen the bond between you and your partner Fighting with your boss can cause you troubles and may result in losing your job
March If you are planning to move to a new place it is advised to do it with proper rituals of Grah Pravesh to remove any bad effect Try not getting into the conflicts and clashes with your girlfriend
April This time is on your side especially who wants to examine their luck in gambling will face profit You are under a burden of physical and emotional pain try spending some time with family and friends
May If you are planning to establish your career, then do so in the presence of proper consultation, the time is auspicious make wise decisions This is not the time to buy a property wait for some time.
June Education wise students will gain a boost and will crack the exam they longed war especially medical students. Be careful while riding a bike as accident is fore seen; try to follow public transport for this month.
July This is a very good time for those who are planning to get married and tying knots will receive divine blessing. Opportunities comes but not always so not acting upon them can cause you regret later
August Travelling abroad is on the cards for those who have their kids studding abroad will finally meet them. Control your anger issues, as it is a big problem for you.
September Do some charity at this time as your luck is changing doing some charitable work will help to restore it back Don’t take too much stress of past failures believe in yourself thing will get better
October Heart break will leave you filled with sorrow; try to spend some time with your close friends as this will increase positivity inside you. Don’t leave yourself alone at this time doing this will only increase your pain
November Buying a house right now is greatly favored by your stars and doing it will gain you divine blessing and the place will become a channel of new fortune for you Try to keep you head down in your work premises as this time will test your patience
December The year was a mix of good and bad experiences but this how life is right, learn to focus on the positive and you will achieve more An eye which foresee the best will receive the best try to remember this and try to follow


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