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Buddha Purnima 2017

Buddha Purnima 2017 Buddha Purnima 2017


Date: 10th May 2017, Day: Wednesday


Buddha Purnima or Guru Purnima is celebrated with fervor in India. Hindu scriptures say that the place of a Guru or teacher is at par with the lord. The word Guru comprises of two words, Gu means darkness and Ru means remover.


So a teacher is someone who removes the darkness from your path and helps you make a better life. This day also marks the birth anniversary of the Buddhist saint, Lord Buddha. It also marks the Centenary of Maharishi Vyas who is a renowned teacher of ancient times.


Puja Muhurat (Date and Time) of Buddha Purnima


Buddha Purnima would occur on 10th May 2017. The puja mahurat begins at 1:10 on 10th May 2017 and ends at 3:10 on 11th May 2017.


During the puja mahurat one must worship Lord Vishnu as it will free you from all the sins you committed in the past and help you attain prosperity too. Reading Vishnu Puran is also considered to be very auspicious.


Puja Booking for Buddha Purnima


If you need assistance in performing the Buddha Purnima puja in the right manner then you can trust us to help you. We will send a qualified pandit to the location of your choice during the mahurat to help you perform all the rituals in the right manner. We would also see to it that the pandit arrives on time.


Prasad of the Buddha Purnima puja


In case you do not have the ability to conduct the Buddha Purnima puja at your place then we can do it on your behalf. We will offer prayers by your name and offer Prasad to the lord. After the puja is over and the Prasad is blessed, we will deliver it at your doorstep.


Puja Products for Buddha Purnima


To buy all the necessary products like til, sugar, ghee, etc., you just need to call us once. We will ensure that you get the samagri in a timely fashion that will help you to perform this puja rightfully.


The packaging of the products would be best and everything would be fully sealed so as to avoid any damage.


Send your details for any Query from this form.


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