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Gauri Puja

 Gauri Puja Goddess Gauri is the spouse of Lord Shiva. They two are the main deities of Hinduism. They both are known as the togetherness of Shiva and Shakti. Gauri Pooja is considered very important to get an ideal husband. If it is looked in the history, you will find that Sita Ji performed this Gauri Pooja to get Lord Rama as his husband.


Significance of Gauri Puja


Every year this pooja is performed by the married and unmarried women both. Some of them head to temple to perform while some organise this pooja at home. It is known as a one of the prominent pujas. Goddess Gauri is also known as Parvati who is worshipped among their devotees for getting the ideal life partner.


Benefits of Performing Gauri Puja


  • It is very helpful to remove the obstacles from the married life if you have been suffering from.
  • It is also considered good to perform if you have been looking for an ideal spouse.
  • Gauri Pooja brings peace and happiness in the relationships of married couples.
  • A couple is blessed with children.
  • It creates respect and trust between wife and husband.


How to Do Gauri Puja ?


You need these items mentioned below to Perform Gauri Pooja.


Idols Of Lord Shiva , Durga , Ganesh , Kalash , Roli , Sandalwood Paste , Haldi , Kumkum, , Gangajal , Panch Patra , Lamps , Incense , Betel Leaves , Nuts , Panchamrit , Fruits , Sweets , Coconut , Flowers , Garland , Mango Leaves


Let's Know About the Guri Puja Vidhi


  • Pooja starts with the installation of Ganesha Idol.
  • Chant Gauri Shankar Mantra.
  • Light up the Diya and incense sticks.
  • Apply Tilak made from Sandalwood paste, Haldi and roli.
  • Spread the Akshat.
  • Then do Gauri Shankar Sadhna and meditate your mind in Goddess Gauri.
  • Serve coconut, fruits and sweets.
  • Take sacred water Gangajal in your hand and seek for the blessings of Lord Shiva and Parvati.
  • Now, it is time to serve DAN to Brahmins in order to make this pooja accomplished.


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