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Chandra Puja

 Chandra Puja Monday is considered the day of Lord Chandra. On this day, you may take fast to please the Lord Chandra. Not only for spiritual beneficial, but it is quite helpful in disease like cold, Blood Pressure, Anaemia heart related etc.


Benefits Of Chandra Puja


  • If you have been suffering from malefic Chandra then you must organize Chandra Puja.
  • Performing Chandra Puja is very beneficial to remove the malefic effect of wrongly placed moon.
  • It brings prosperity and happiness to the house.


Significance of Chandra Puja


  • Lord Chandra controls five senses of human life.
  • Chandra Puja can be performed any Monday as it is considered perfect to it.
  • Lord moon stands for the intellectuality as it belongs to mind, brain, imagination, sensitivity and emotions.
  • Lord Moon is the lord of three Nakshatra called Hasta, Shravana and Rohini.
  • Worshipping Lord Chandra helps to eliminate the moon related problems as well as the Dasha of Moon.


How To Do Puja of Lord Chandra ?


To perform this pooja, you must collect all the mentioned below items to make this pooja successful.


Milk , Flower , Incense , Dhoop , Fragrance , Rice called Akshata , Roli , Moli , Ghee , Earthen Lamp , Garland , Fruits , Sweets


Chandra Puja Vidhi


  • Get up early in the morning and take shower.
  • Keep chanting mantra “ॐ सों सोमाय नमः “at least 108 times.
  • On this day, you may also worship Lord Shiva.
  • Offer milk to Lord Shiva and meditate in Lord Shiva.
  • Take Palash flower and white flower to offer.
  • On this day, do not eat sweet curd of Kheer.
  • To make this pooja successful, donate various things like curd, Mishri, White cloth, Shankha, Sinkada ka Atta and fruits.
  • Do not forget to chant moon mantra Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya Namah throughout the day.
  • During fast, you can eat one time food but it should be without salt and grains.


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