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Blue Sun Stone Shree Yantra

Blue Sun Stone Shree Yantra Blue Sun Stone Shree Yantra


Blue sun stone


A blue sun stone is dark blue in color appears as a constellation of stars wrapped in a form of stone. It is considered to be very auspicious as it bestows courage to the bearer and this is not enough there are many other benefits of this as it acts a reflector in your life from all sort of unwanted energies such as negative energies, stressful energy and many others.




It is used to improve meditation capability as it promotes focus in your life also it’s a healer in itself mainly used to heal the throat chakras.


Blue Sun stone Shree Yantra


A shri yantra is the emperor among all the yantras present all together; no amount of mantra can match its power.


It is basically a combination of nine triangles which are intersecting each other to produce a central place where they form an axiom in which the supreme form of adishakti the Tripursundari dwells to shower her blessings. The word itself is a combination of tripur meaning the tree worlds and sundari meaning the most beautiful of all respectively.


The goddess is the most beautiful of all in all the three worlds present, the heaven, the earth and the underworld. Now a shri yantra carved with the blue stone increases its effects by a thousand percent and is no less than your own personal talisman itself.


All your relationship issues can vaporize with its presence and can benefit you in the ways you have never imagined


Benefits of Blue Sun stone Shree Yantra


  • Heals you on physical, mental and emotional level.

  • Improves your meditation powers.

  • Attracts prosperity and abundance in your life.

  • Promotes healthy lifestyle .

  • Creates a protective circle of positivity around you.

  • Wealth and riches are observed in your life.

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