Siddh Parad Shivling for Maha Shivratri

Parad Shivling for Maha Shivratri

Siddh Parad Shivling for Maha Shivratri 

Parad Shivling is a very useful product of the Lord Shiva, peoples worship to the shivling of any form but worshipping of the Parad Shivling is more beneficial.

Parad Shivling for Maha ShivratriBenefits of the Siddh Parad Shivling Puja:

  • It brings money and happiness in your life,
  • It removes all money and success problems from your life,
  • It brings new positive aura in your mind and whole body,
  • It provides the blessing of the whole Shiva Family,
  • It also removes all the health problems from your life,
  • Peoples having Kaal Sarp Dosh must to worship Parad Shivling to neglect the effect of the Dosha.

We have 3 types of the Parad Shivling :

Parad Shivling for Maha ShivratriSmall Parad Shiving : Price is Rs. 1500

Medium Parad Shivling, Price is Rs. 2100

Large Parad Shivling: Price is Rs. 3100

Siddh Parad Shivling Price is Rs. 1000 Extra (Energized by the Lord Shiva and Maha Mritunjay Mantra).

Parad Shivling for Maha ShivratriIf you want to buy any of the above Parad Shivling just contact at 9870286388, or email us at, we will contact you with the complete details.



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