Siddh Bana Linga for Maha Shivratri Puja 2017

Banalinga for Maha Shivratri Puja

What is Bana Linga?

Bana Linga is a stone obtained from the Narmada River, and it is a spiritual product with the complete religious belief, peoples worship it by placing in home temple or any other place.

Banalinga for Maha Shivratri PujaBanalinga is also called Syambhulinga, that meaning is the symbol of God. It is a natural and not handcrafted by the human, so its shape and size are not fixed it can be small and big in size.

Banalinga is one of stone of the Panchyatana, if you not know what is Panchyatana then I am telling you that, there are 5 stones obtains from the 5 River of India and they represent different- different Gods.

Benefits of Banalinga Puja:

  • It protects from the negative energy,
  • It activates the Body Chakra for the positive energy,
  • It creates positive aura in your body,
  • It helps in mental problem and increase positive thinking,
  • It is use in healing therapy,
  • It also increase the body power for any work,

Banalinga for Maha Shivratri PujaSo, buy the original and Siddh Banalinga from us and make it abhimantrit at your name and birth details for the better result.

You can use Banalinga in these ways:

  • Wear it your neck as a Pendant, Cost is Rs. 1100.
  • Place a Medium Bana linga at your Home Temple, Cost is Rs. 751.
  • Place a Large Banalinga and worship it daily, Cost is Rs. 1500.

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