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Black sesame (Kala Teel)

 Black sesame (Kala Teel) There are many things which are used in puja to get positive and good results. Black Sesame is one of them which is widely known for making puja successful. Here, we are going to explore more about Black Sesame.


A Bit about Black Sesame (Kala Teel)


To put in other words, it is also called Kura Goma. You may not believe, but these seeds are also used to purify the body. We all know about Kala Teel but there would be few who know that this product is also used in worship to make it successful.


Use of Black Sesame


  • If it is boiled in water, then it pretty much beneficial to purify the body.
  • Mix Black Sesame in water or milk as per your convenience and offer to God of Gods Lord Shiva while doing Abhishek.

  • Offering Black Sesame is pretty much similar to doing Abhishek with Punchamrit.
  • The importance of Kala Teel has also been cited in the Hindu Scripture or Shastras.

  • At the time of doing Shraadh, offering kala teel to pitras is considered very auspicious.
  • Kala Teel is also used while making food for Brahmins to earn prosperity.

  • Black Sesame is prominently used during Hanuman Puja, Hawan Major Samagrim Shani Puja etc.
  • To remove the malefic effects of planets, Teel oil is donated.


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The use of Black Sesame can be varied as per the sunshine of the user. To buy Kala Teel at reasonable price, you may contact through call or mail. We also serve you suggestion and advice regarding the use of Black Sesame.


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