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Black Magic Totke at Diwali, Call: +91-9870286388

 Black Magic Totke It is believed that Black Magic is always performed to hurt or doing inauspicious for others. But it is not true as it is also performed to make you safe from the negative energy.


Here, we are going to explore about the prominent and very helpful black magic Totke which you may perform at Diwali.


  • The women who are not able to pregnant or if their child gets die in their womb, can use this totka. On Diwali, you must serve GUDH to a cow. Apart from it, light up a lamp having GHEE at the place where that cow stands or sits.


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    To get pregnant very soon, you must serve food to the orphan chid. Besides it, you may light up a lamp at the PEPAL TREE. Doing all this make possible to fulfil your desire.

  • In order to bring prosperity to your home, you may choose a house blessed with prosperity and happiness in your neighbourhood. You may head to their house on the auspicious day of Diwali to ask for Curd. It is kind of totka which does not hurt others. It is believed that your house would also be blessed with enough prosperity if you ask curd from the house already blessed.

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  • On the auspicious day of Diwali, take eleven Gomati Chakra and wrap them into a red cloth along with Sindoor. Place it at the safe place in home. It increase the prosperity and happiness in the home.

  • There is another totka to fetch the attention of Goddess Laxmi. Take PANCH LAXMI CHAKRA and two AKIK PATHAR and hide them at the entry gate. Doing this totka play a major role to enhance the prosperity.

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  • Take a pot made up of soul and put JAU, five coins and BHAIRV MUTHIA and put at CHORAHA. Performing this totka on Diwali fetch happiness to the house.


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