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Birthday Puja Vidhi

Birthday Puja Vidhi A birthday is an extremely extraordinary day in every last one of our lives. Puja ends up plainly important to show our commitment to God consistently.


It will enable us to get love and bliss in life by expelling every one of the deterrents coming in the enthusiast's life and make ready for development or to have a prosperous year ahead. It is likewise suggested as it expands one's life.


Samagri Of Birthday Puja –


  1. Dakshine for Brahmin, Aarti,
  2. Puja Samagrim,
  3. Deep Prajjawlit,
  4. Kalash Sthapana,
  5. Navagraha Sthapana,
  6. Ganapati Staphna,
  7. Purnahuti,
  8. Sandalwood powder,
  9. Asthagandh,
  10. Till,
  11. Ghee,
  12. Homam with nectar,
  13. Ayush Mantra Japa,
  14. Laxmi,
  15. Ganesh,
  16. Sankalap,
  17. Swastika Vachan,
  18. 64 yogini Pujan,
  19. Punyavachan,


Methodology Of Birthday Puja -


A man would himself be able to offer the supplications or Pandit can do in the interest of the aficionado. One can likewise do the Satyanarayan puja to get all the thriving of puja.


Puja can be customized relying upon which event it is falling inured with different ceremonies and conventions. Begin with Ganesh Puja and Navagraha mantras are recounted alongside a few different mantras.


A Havan is likewise sorted out in this way with mantras. As referred to, you can visit any mantra of your gods and as Ganesh mantra is for all, so you can recount his mantra to satisfy every one of your desires.


|| Gajananam bhutganadhi sevitam
Kapithjambufalcharu bhakshanam
Uma sutam shokvinashkarakam
Namami vighneshwar padupankaiam ||


Along these lines, next time when your birthday is around the bend, bear in mind to offer petitions to God. It is just because of his generosity and the immense creation that we are making the most of our lives with no bothers.


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