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Billi Ki Jer, Cat's Naval Chord (Click to Read in Hindi)

billi-ki-jer What is Billi ki Jer?

This is a very rare product to find as it is very difficult to obtain especially of a black cat; you should consider yourself very lucky if you have found it as it will increase the level of success in your life in the ways you have not imagined.

It is also very rare because when a cat gives birth to kitten, she eats her naval cord immediately and it is hard to get it. Billi ki jer is also called Billi ki naal.

Billi Ki Jer and Tantrik Rituals

Tantrik rituals are very complicated and can only be performed by those who understand the Atharva Veda concepts and Vedic mantras, those who do not understand it must not try to use it for tantrik rituals as the effect can be worse if proper method is not used but those who understand tantra vidya for them Billi ki jer has great importance in getting Tantrik siddhi or effective magic power.


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Many tantric use it for Tantrik purpose. Billi ki jer is very hard to come by, but extremely helpful and beneficial if procured. Billi ki jer is traditionally assumed highly beneficial and used by Tantriks and villagers.

Influential People Who Use This Product

  • Stock market traders use to obtain maximum benefits.
  • Politicians to gain power and rule in the world of politics
  • Investors and money bankers use it improve their luck
  • Stock brokers, gamblers, business man, high rank people and leaders.
Importance and Benefits:

Billi ki jer provides tremendous benefits to its possessor and imparts benefits such as

  • It improves the thinking capabilities and presence of mind in a person
  • It increases confidence level in a person who wears it.
  • It is also very beneficial in removing the harmful effects of planet Rahu, Mangal and Shukra.
  • Also increases the positive effects of the planets which are in your favor depending upon your birth and zodiac house.
  • Helpful in vashikaran methods which are very rare
  • Will solve all your love and relationship problems in life
  • Business and career is improved in its presence
  • Abundance and prosperity will be attracted in your life
  • Health will be at optimum level in your life
  • Enemies will not be able to hurt you in anyway
  • A protective circle will be created around you and your family which will protect you.


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How to Use Billi Ki Jer?

This is a very delicate product and must be handled with care to obtain maximum benefits

  • It should be kept wrapped in red cloth along with vermillion in cash box
  • Can also be placed in offices, shop, home and factory
  • Its use and precaution is clearly described in Lal Kitab.


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Method to Make It Work

The method to use it is not known to everybody and must be activated only in the presence of a person who is trained in Vedic rituals completely as the mantras which are involved must be recited with perfection and with complete devotion and believe

First it has to be energized and activated by mantra and Vedic method or puja then it can give you the whole of its benefits.

Billi Ki Jer Is Used In

  • Vashikaran methods that come from Vedas
  • Durga puja occasion
  • To seek auspicious and divine blessings of Vishnu puja
  • Some important pujas such as Mohini puja and many other puja and anushtan

Disclaimer: We not sell Billi Ki Jer, it is only for the Information.

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