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Bhoomi Puja Vidhi

Bhoomi Puja Vidhi Bhoomi is the mother of all that exists. She is persistence represented. When we need to raise a building or till the land for agribusiness we acquire a change mother earth.


We seek permission and absolution for our activities that aggravate the harmony of mother earth.


The Vedas have unique sutras and songs to mollify the different energies dwelling in the space. We serenade the Veda Sutras to invalidate any terrible impacts and to bring peace and thriving.


Along these lines, when you manufacture a building or even till the land for horticultural reason, it is imperative that you look for and request consent from the mother and furthermore go to her for gift you so you are fruitful in what you will do.


A devoted loving and execution of the Bhoomi Puja will lessen every one of the negativities from the land and space and you will have the capacity to prevail in what you do.


Mantra For Bhoomi Puja -


| Om vasundharaye vidmahe |
| Bhoot adhatraya dheemahi |
|| Tanno bhumi prachodayat ||


Samgrim For The Puja :-


  1. Kalash
  2. Navratna
  3. A modest bit of gold
  4. A silver coin
  5. Sabut puja supari
  6. One stick of turmeric
  7. A little entire green Moong
  8. Sabut dhaniya
  9. Dhoop
  10. Gur


Bhoomi Puja Vidhi –


The bhoomi puja process needs a Kalash of ganga Jaal, betel nut, blooms, rice, mango leaves, roli or vermillion, moli or kalava, turmeric or Haldi and druva or grass, and so forth. The admirer needs to confront towards the eastern bearing.


In a cleaned and raised stage before you, you should put those divinities that you adore frequently. The Kalash with a red material hung around and a coconut set on it is kept in the womb of the earth or land.


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