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Buy Bhojpatra writing kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit The bark of betula utilise is utilized for composing holy mantras, which are put in a talisman and worn around the neck OR kept in puja holy places, for security and gift. This training is specified in the Lakshmi Tantra, a Pancaratra content.


As indicated by the legend, the bark was additionally utilized as apparel by orderlies of Lord Shiva.


The bark of Himalayan birch was utilized hundreds of years back in India as paper for composing long sacred writings and messages in Sanskrit and different contents, especially in chronicled Kashmir.


Its utilization as paper for books is specified by early Sanskrit authors Kalidasa, Sushruta, and Varahamihira.


In the late nineteenth century, Kashmiri pandits announced the greater part of their books were composed on Himalayan birch bark until the point when Akbar presented paper in the sixteenth century.


The Sanskrit word for the tree is bhurja-imparting a comparability to other Indo-European words that give the source to the regular name "birch".


What Is All About The Bhojpatra


Red shoe powder: 25grams, Ashtagandha powder: 25grams, Bhojpatra Sheets: 2 ( 7 inches x 7 inches) Vedic charms (yantras) are composed on a unique bark called as Bhojapatra.


Substance Of Bhojpatra Writing Kit


We should observe what is being conveyed in this exceptional Home Ceremony Puja Kit. Let’s it out check.


  1. Writing stick made of wood ( known as pomegarante wood )
  2. Red shoe powder ( known as Redsandal powder )
  3. Ashtagandha Kasturi powder
  4. And Herb granules.


The two powders and the granules are combined with little measure of water for making ink which would then be able to be utilized to compose on the Bhojapatra sheets. All the material is holy and quality based. According to your benefit, the material accessible in this pack can be altered


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