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Bhaiya Dooj 2017

Bhaiya Dooj 2017 Bhaiya Dooj 2017


Date: 21st October 2017, Day: Saturday


Bhaiya Dooj is another precious festival that recognizes the bond between a brother and a sister. On this day, sisters do a tika ceremony and pray for the long lives of their brothers. The brothers appreciate the sisters’ efforts by offering her some gifts.


Puja Muhurat (Date and Time) of Bhaiya Dooj


Next Bhaiya Dooj would take place on 21st October 2017. The muhurat of doing the Bhaiya Dooj ceremony begins at 13:15 PM and ends at 15:25 PM. It is highly recommended that the sisters do the tika ceremony at this time.


Puja Booking for Bhaiya Dooj


Sometimes you need the guidance of a well-experienced pandit to perform the ceremonies like the Bhaiya Dooj because you want everything to be perfect. We can help you with that by ensuring that a skilled pandit reaches your home in exchange for a reasonable fee. Call us now to book a pandit instantly.


Prasad of the Bhaiya Dooj Puja


If you are unable to perform this puja due to any reasons then we can help you by doing it on your behalf. We will send auspicious Prasad at your home. The Prasad would be packed in a good manner to ensure that you can enjoy it while it’s still fresh.


Puja Products for Bhaiya Dooj


Every sister needs to decorate a Bhai Dooj Thali before the ceremony. If you need assistance with that then we can provide you with not only the Thali but other vital puja products like deepak, sweets, roli, sindur, chawal, ganga jal, agarbatti stand, a small pot, akshat, moli, etc.


The cost of this entire content would be very reasonable and every item would be new. You can also depend on us and our expert team to pack it in the right manner so that even the Ganga jal is not spilled by a bit during the transit.


Send your details for any Query from this form.


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