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Benefits of Purnima Fasting

In Hindu calendar month, Poornima is a very auspicious and fruitful day. It’s considered the auspicious day among all lunar days.


On this auspicious day, the moon appears full in the sky. it is very important day in order to do any kind of new act and work. As per the lunar (Tithi) calendar, it marks the ending of month.


It is come one times in one month. In a year, there are twelve. Occasionally there are 1 extra Poornima that happen in a lunar (Tithi) leap year. Each Poornima Tithi has particular blessing and benefits that one can attain by the performance of specific process.


On Poornima, the performed the Vishnu pooja and observe a partial fast. People who take fast on this day keep chanting mantra, bhajan and Kirtan on this day.


In south Indian, poornima known as pournami vratam. Many people wake up early in the morning and take a dip in the holy river Ganga. Taking a dip in Holy River is considered very auspicious. A number of Bhajan, Katha, and programme are organized on this day.


Benefits of Purnima wrat -


In this section, which kind of benefits provided by purnima wrat are being described below. Let check it out.


  1. If keep the fast on panama, to remove all kind of pap (guild).
  2. To destroy all negative thought in your mind.
  3. To get peace of mind.
  4. To stay away all kind of mantel problems like tension, stress etc.
  5. After death, to get moksha.
  6. To bring positivity and power in your inhale.
  7. In your life, all kind of problems has been solved.
  8. To became stronger mentally and physically.
  9. To fulfilled all your wishes.
  10. Lord Vishnu please to you.
  11. In your life all is going good.
  12. To remove bad luck.
  13. To get success in your person and professional life.
  14. To bring good fortune to the devotees life.
  15. To get blessed by lord vishnu


If you enjoy these benefits, you must keep the fast on every Poornima with all rituals.


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