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Benefits of Amavasya Fasting

An Amavasya fasting is very powerful fasting that is done on no mood day itself to get the best benefits. It is done by everyone.


Doing this fast may solve a lot of difficulties in your life. To make life better. Doing this fast may please both lord Shankar and lord Vishnu.


In this article, what kind of benefits provide by Amavasya fasting are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  1. It is believed that an Amavasya fast may be very powerful and help to stay away all kind of negative power, evil eyes and harmful power. To controls all the evil as well as the divine forces.
  2. On Amavasya fasting to the souls of ancestors. On this day offer water to departed ancestors. It is considered as a good time to offer prayers to the departed ancestors and ensure that they rest in peace (shanti). Food is offered to the forefathers. On Amavasya, the forefathers come to earth and if you are not perform worship and serve food then forefather feel offended.
  3. It is believed that if one may fast on an Amavasya that is on Monday then all your wishes must be fulfilled.
  4. It is believed that if one may fast on an Amavasya that is on Wednesday then Kaal sharp Dosha must be get rid of. To reduce the impact of the Kaal sharp Dosha.
  5. An Amavasya fasting, Acidic content in your blood is reduced. You will always feel fresh and healthy. To reduce all kind of health related issues in your life.
  6. To attain peace of mind.
  7. To become more calm and an intelligent.
  8. To reduce all kind of mental and physical disorder tend.
  9. Never suffer from lack of heath and wealth.


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