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Beesa Yantra

Beesa Yantra



Beesa yantra is considered most powerful and effective among all yantras. Beesa yantra can be of different types. Beesa yantra is very potent to fulfill all desires of any person. A person can achieve everything through this yantra. This yantra also free a person from the fear, fight and arguments.



It is said regarding Beesa yantra that even god can not harm a person who possess a Beesa yantra. So it is considered the king of all yantras.



How to use it



This yantra can be established in the temple of home or worshipping place in the home, you can also put this Beesa yantra in your pocket. Beesa yantra is also used in tantric process.



A daily worship of Beesa yantra should be done with dhoop, incense and camphor. Beesa yantra should be placed on metal plate with Saffron, Gorochan, Kasturi, Sandal and kamakhya sindoor.






Durga Beesa Yantra is one of the Beesa yantra of Shri Durga Maa. This yantra is worshipped and energized through Beej mantra and produce good results. Durga Beesa Yantra is very powerful Yantra for fulfilling desires, to remove obstacles and problems and to conquer enemies.



This yantra brings special effects in life. Durga Beesa Yantra confers wealth, money and property and protects the person from all types of dangers and difficulties. Placing Beesa yantra in offices, shop and cash box or near accounting register helps grow business and gives a lot of profit in business.



We provide fully charged and energized Beesa yantra which is very potent and auspicious in bringing desired result in your home. Along with Beesa yantra we also provide Beej mantra for chanting during the worship of Beesa yantra. - See more at: beesa-yantra.html#sthash.xJcdIGDv.dpuf