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Baglamukhi Puja Kit

 Baglamukhi Puja  Kit Baglamukhi Devi is one of the important goddess who is worshiped to remove one from delusions and misconceptions of life, the important temple of the goddess is found in Assam just at a distance of few kilometers than the Kamakhya temple which is famous for most tantric rituals.


People of north India also know the Devi by the name of Pitambara maa, people from all around the country visit the temple to perform rituals and seek blessings.


The method of puja involves a person to follow a strict celibacy practice with doing mantra jaap every day. If puja is offered in the temple of Baglamukhi devi, then all the rituals must be performed in the presence of a genuine practionar.


Baglamukhi Puja Kit


We as service have arranged all the necessary items you need to perform Baglamukhi puja to get maximum results. The items you will get along are listed below


  • A yellow piece of cloth
  • Kumkum
  • Nariyal
  • Puja's red cloth
  • Yellow seat
  • Baglamukhi yantra
  • Yellow flowers
  • Puja samagri


We can also prepare a customized puja kit according to your demands and needs, all you need to do is just leave a query on our website or you can also contact us on our helpline.


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