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Baglamukhi Protection Kit

Baglamukhi Protection Kit Maa Baglamukhi is the goddess among 10 mahavidhya devi also known as goddess of power and strength. anyone Worship maa Baglamukhi ,she provides relief from evil powers and all kind of fears in your life . Maa Baglamukhi Yantra is a magical yantra used in various religious ceremonies. In ancient scriptures, Maa Baglamukhi is known to give instant results.



The use of this yantra, one can get relief from evil spirits and superficial obstacles in his life.This baglamukhi fulfills all the desires of the worshipper and provides protection from evils. It is believed that Baglamukhi provides relief from all kind of sufferings of life ,evil effects, enemy problems and freedom from the cycle of life and death, thus providing salvation. Goddess Baglamukhi gets relief from all kind of sufferings and troubles in life. We provides Baglamukhi protection kit which content both yantra and locket.



Baglamukhi Yantra: This Yantra is made on mixed metal plate with Golden Plating and multi colored images. The size available is 3 x 3 inches. You may select this variety by clicking on the Radio Button provided along with the main image.Baglamukhi Yantra is strong and effective during the night time. It can be established on special occasions like Maha Shivaratri, Holi, and Diwali. Goddess Baglamukhi can be seen sitting on a throne covered with jewels, and killing the devils. In this entire universe, no creature could ever defeat goddess Baglamukhi.



Bagla Mukhi in Copper & Golden Plated Locket Yantra is in a Locket form so that it can be worn around the neck. The material used is copper & brass with Golden Plating done on it. You may select this variety by clicking on the Radio Button provided along with the main image.



Please note: Yantra sent to our clients are already energized by our Guruji according to rituals required as per ancient vedic methods and therefore it may be directly placed in the Puja Room to your home,offices,temple.



  • Normal kit (cost of metal, making, custom & shipment charges)

  • Premium kit (cost of metal, making, custom & shipment charges. It is energies by 4, 51,000 mantras and 80,000 thousands aahuties)

  • Delivery in domestic within 3 days

  • Delivery in overseas 5 to 7 days

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