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Buy Baglamukhi Jayanti Puja Kit

Baglamukhi jayanti puja kit Goddess Baglamukhi is otherwise called Goddess Pitambara in a few sections of North India, individuals from all around the nation visit the sanctuary to perform ceremonies and look for gifts.


This Baglamukhi Puja guarantees that the performer is successful, intense and constantly ready to overwhelm over adversaries. Goddess Baglamukhi, the managing divinity, guarantees that the performer makes progress, particularly in court cases, clashes and fights.


She likewise keeps detestable powers, terrible spirits and negative impacts far from the wearer. Those whose notoriety is being debilitated by sick wishers, the individuals who are agitated by meddling neighbours, claims and scornful babble can profit by performing this pooja.


Injected with the energy of shlokas and the endowments of Goddess Baglamukhi, this pooja will ensure and convey great to the wearer, as long as the wearer implies no damages to others.


Baglamukhi Puja Kit’s Samagrim -


We as administration have masterminded all the important things you have to perform Baglamukhi puja to get most extreme outcomes. The things you will get along are recorded beneath. Let’s check it out.


  1. Batti (Round)
  2. Sindoor
  3. Batti (Long)
  4. Match Stick
  5. Deepak
  6. Red Cloth
  7. Kesar
  8. Panchmeva
  9. Ilachi
  10. Gulal
  11. Wheat
  12. White Cloth
  13. Ganga Jal
  14. Haldi Gath
  15. Dhoop
  16. Kapoor
  17. Ghee
  18. Nectar
  19. Mishri
  20. Janeu
  21. Sindoor
  22. Sugar
  23. Oil
  24. Supari
  25. Roli
  26. Rice
  27. Dona
  28. Moli
  29. Itra
  30. Abheer
  31. Chandan
  32. Haldi Powder
  33. Safed Till
  34. Laal Kapda – 1 Meter


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