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Ashtalaxmi Brass Chowki

Ashtalaxmi Brass Chowki Asht laxmi Brass Chowki


This is a chowki that represents the different forms of adishakti, in all together there are total eight of them which are known by the name of Gaj laxmi, Dhan laxmi, Adi laxmi, Vijay laxmi, Dhairya laxmi, Dhanya laxmi, Vidya laxmi and Santan laxmi.


Each of them is ideally different from one another but same in essence as all originated from one, they all serve different purpose and are of extreme importance to their followers.


Importance of Asht laxmi brass chowki


Establishing this chowki at your home, your work place or at your office will bless you with all the eight forms of laxmi and as we know the goddess is the source of wealth, prosperity and abundance.


On top of this you are blessed with wisdom, power, valor, victory, patience, knowledge, concentration and focus as well. It is the most auspicious form of chowki one could have to live a life full of abundance.


Benefits of Asht laxmi brass chowki


  • Promotes flow of wealth in your life

  • All materialistic gains are observed

  • Business people should have it as it gives a boost to it

  • Career is stabilized with new opportunities

  • Students are showered with concentration, focus and knowledge

  • Makes you a peaceful personality

  • Protects you from the harmful effects of your enemy.


Our Service


We as a service will provide you with the best form of this chowki which will be authentic and pure and we can deliver it in any size or customized manner you need, just leave a query on our website or contacts on our helpline.


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