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Aquarius Zodiac Sign Peoples Do and Avoid these in Year 2017

Aquarius Zodiac Sign:-


Month To do Not to do
January the people who are preparing for IAS, IPS and civil service are in favor by the stars and might recieve a good new. take some time to talk your issues instead of neglecting them, dont behave reserved.
February make some family time, as it will attract auspicious blessings in your life Be assertive and dont fall as an easy prey to your enemies.
March Those who wish to buy a home, then for them its a big yes as stars and planets are in your favor. cigarette consumers are likely to go under severe conditions, so dont do it
April cigarette consumers are likely to go under severe conditions, so dont do it Overconfidence is a all without parachute, so dont be like this take advvice of others as well.
May investment in gold is what is foreseen and will be a good idea for long term benefits do not be abusive with your kids, it will leave a mark on thier consciousness in a bad way.
June going abroad or some travelling is foreseen especially on a ship or some sea travel so take full advatage of this. do not eat anything acidic as it can upset your health for a long time.
July make yourself prepared to be selected in your desired college if you are student especially lawyers. do not shy away share your heartily feelinngs with your loved ones
August make some time with your partner and spend some quality time. do not think negatively as this is causing too mental pain
September if you are involved in any law suit or any case, you are likely to recieve a judgement soon, and it will be in your favor do not purchase any sort of property at this point of time, as this is not in your favor at the moment.
October make yourslef a routine for some physical activites as your body demands at this pint of now you are likely to face diabetic issues, so stop taking sugar.
November those in thebusiness of carpenting are advised to not start anything on bigger level at this point do not abuse your elders or parents.
December the year will end leaving you a lesson, that will help you become a better person do not intake red meat not good for your healh.


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