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Amethyst Shree Yantra

Amethyst Shree Yantra Amethyst Shree Yantra




An amethyst is a very popular stone since the mankind took its first step as a civilized world. The importance can be noted down by the fact that it was a stone that was considered to control the thirst of alcohol and was in a great use with the Greeks they even believed that the utensils made out of the amethyst will prevent the intoxication of the alcohol.


They are consuming, the warriors who went on war used to wear it as an armor as they believed it will heal the wounds and will protect them from the enemy.


Amethyst shree yantra


A shree yantra is the prime yantra among all the yantra that are present and will ever be devised through the Vedic study. It is a combination of nine triangles intersecting each other to form an axiom where the supreme form of goddess dwells and plays which is called the dwelling arena. The goddess is above all the deities there are in the world, even lord Vishnu is known to be her younger brother.


She is known by the name of Tripursundari which is a combination of two words “Tripur” meaning the three worlds and “sundari” meaning the most beautiful of all; together it means the most beautiful in all the tree worlds of the heavens, the earth and the underworld. Is said in legends the devi laxmi and saraswati are fan blowers for the goddess and even the lord of the lords Mahadev shiva is spell bounded by her presence. A shree yantra carved with amethyst is the most auspicious object one can possess.


Benefits of Amethyst Shree Yantra


  • This yantra helps in restoring health issues related to respiratory organs.
  • Helps in improving your immune system as well.
  • The yantra also promotes hormonal balance of your body.
  • Pains observed in fingers, shoulders, neck and back are eliminated with its help .
  • Deviates any negativity that can cause you any harm.
  • Creates a circle of positivity around the bearer wherever he goes .
  • Success follows your footsteps.
  • Many medicinal healing properties are also present with this yantra.

  • There are many other benefits that are provided by the yantra but it’s not possible to least all .


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