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Kamakhya Temple - Ambubachi Prasad & Kamakhya Puja Booking (Click here for Hindi!)

Maa Kamakhya is considered to be one of the most powerful Goddesses &it is the highest Shakti Peetha in India.

Ambubachi mela is the most Auspicious Festival of Kamakhya Temple and which is why it is also known as the Mahakumbh of the east. And it is believed that if you visit Kamakhya temple during this festival and perform Ambubachi Puja & seek Maa’s blessings in the form of Prasad, all your problems will get resolved whether it be financial, relationship related, legal issues or any other negativity in life. There is nothing Maa’s blessings can’t solve.

However it is not possible for everyone to make it, given the busy schedule of work or any other, we are here to help you with that. So order online and the Kamakhya Devi Puja will be performed in your name and you will receive the Prasad at your doorstep without any hassle.

For any further information or to order Ambubachi Prasad or Puja booking, call us on this number +(91) 9870286388.

Benefits of Kamakhya Puja Kit & Prasad:

1. If you are facing any financial issues then this Puja & Prasad kit will be very helpful for you.
2. Maa Kamakhya is the Goddess of Love so any Marriage problems or relationship issues, will automatically get resolved.
3. Remedial solutions for Delayed marriage, Manglik dosha, not getting suitable partner or any other hurdles in marriage, this Puja is famous for the solution of these kinds of problems.
4. If facing any enemy related problems, negative energies or any other legal disputes or Court Cases. You should go with Kamakhya Bagla Puja during Ambubachi Mela or keep Siddh Kamakhya Baglamukhi Pujan Kit at your place.
5. Any desired result can be fulfilled at this Shakti Peeth, specially Money or Business Related problems.

What you will get in Prasad or in Sampoorn kamakhya Kit?

1. Energized Kamakhya Yantra on your name & Gotra related to your problem.
2. You will get Siddh Sindoor in it.
3. Kamakhya Kada for protection.
4. Maa ka Ang Vastra for prosperity which is known for removing negativity.
5. Kamakhya Tabiz or Tabiz for desired result. (As per you wish)
6. Dhaga to wear for the protection from negativity. (For Children)
7. Prasad (Non perishable).
8. Mata ki Chunri.
9. Photograph of Maa Kamakhya.
10. Kamakhya Pavitra Jal

If you want anything extra or anything else in the Prasad we will add that as well in your Prasad. (Extra charges applicable).

NOTE: Last date of receiving the order for Prasad is 30th June. (It can close anytime so Order ASAP)For Any Further information or to Order Prasad or Puja Booking, Call us on this number +(91) 9870286388.

How the Puja will be performed?

1. We will perform the Puja on your behalf as per your problem & wishes.
2. Before performing the Puja we would require your name, gotra, purpose of puja(Worship) and your date of birth.(If available)
3. This Puja(Worship) will be performed during Ambubachi Mela and the Prasad will be sent at your address.
4. Note: We do not perform Puja for any negative purposes. Please do not contact us for that.

For any further information or to Order Prasad or Puja Booking, Call us on this number +(91) 9870286388.


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