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Amavasya Puja Vidhi

  1. Not at all like different sorts of Vrat, Magha or Mauni Amavasya is interestingly extraordinary. It advocates an out and out various sort of Vrat.

  2. The Genuine Vrat is the control of all detects. The brain must be hushed and additionally controlled of its wanderings to get settled with the internal identity. This is the most effectual Vrat of a wide range of fasting.

  3. On Magha Amavasya or Mauni Amavasya individuals take sacred dunk in the streams and fall back on serene spots to ponder peacefully for the entire day till dusk.

  4. Alternate exercises that a man can take up on this day incorporate performing homes, giving gifts and others. It is likewise said that taking a sacred plunge on this day can give the benefits of playing out a thousand Rajasuya Yajnas or an Aswamedha Yajna.

  5. For blessed shower, the spots where Amrit was dropped amid the stirring of sea by divine beings and devils are considered profoundly promising. Folklore says it dropped in the spots of Kumbh Mela.

  6. In the event that a man has no entrance to the blessed waterways indicated, he can clean up in the stream close-by since it is trusted that on this day, each waterway move toward becoming as sacred as the Ganges.

  7. In the case of washing at home, he can serenade the names of the seven heavenly waterways and bless the water with the touch of his palm before showering. Amid shower and reflection, strict quiet both of the mouth and the psyche ought to be watched.

  8. Giving gifts of dairy animals, garments, bed, gold and different materials is profoundly promising on this day.

  9. Offering Till oil to lord Shani (son of lord Sun) on this day is very gainful.


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