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All Zodiacs Lucky Gemstone in 2019

 All Zodiacs Lucky Gemstone in 2019

Aries Lucky Gems for 2019


The ruling planet of Aries is Mars that’s why Red Coral and Amethyst are considered lucky for the Arians. You can wear this stone as a ring or necklace will act as a filter of your thoughts and moods. 


Taurus Lucky Gems for 2019


Lucky stones for Taurus are Diamond, Coral & Emerald as the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. This lucky gemstone will enhance the chances of success and bestow prosperity and luck in one’s life. 



Gemini Lucky Gems for 2019


Planet Mercury is the ruling God of the third zodiac sign Gemini and Aquamarine, Agate is the lucky stone for this sign. Wearing this lucky stone promotes positive energy and auspiciousness. 


Cancer Lucky Gems for 2019


For Cancer native pearl is the lucky stone. This zodiac sign is ruled by Moon and those people who come under this zodiac sign must wear a Pearl.   


Leo Lucky Gems for 2019


Sun is the main ruling lord of this zodiac. Ruby and Amber are the auspicious stone which is worn by Leo natives to control their anger and bring patience. 


Virgo Lucky Gems for 2019


Yellow Sapphire is considered auspicious for this zodiac sign and Mercury is the prime Lord of Virgo. Yellow Sapphire promotes positive energy around you and brings good fortune. 


Libra Lucky Gems for 2019


Libra is ruled by planet Venus and Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald & Turquoise is the lucky gemstone for this zodiac.Wearing this lucky gemstone makes your life peaceful and well-balanced. 


Scorpio Lucky Gems for 2019


This zodiac sign comes under the planet Mars and Red Coral, Bloodstone and Yellow Sapphire are considered lucky gemstone for scorpions. These stones make them unique and stand out from the crowd. 


Sagittarius Lucky Gems for 2019 


The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter and Yellow Sapphire & Turquoise is considered most favorable stone for this sign. It helps you to grow both personally and professionally. 


Capricorn Lucky Gems for 2019 


Dark colored stones like Black Onyx, Emerald are considered highly favorable for the natives of Capricorn sign. People who wear this gemstone becomes determined and hard working. 


Aquarius Lucky Gems for 2019 


Lord Shani is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign and Black Pearl, Opal and Sapphire are the lucky gemstone for Aquarians. These stones will improve the intellectual power and communication skills. 


Pisces Lucky Gems for 2019 


This zodiac sign comes under the planet Jupiter and Yellow Sapphire & Red Coral are considered auspicious for Pisceans. These stones prove helpful in attaining spiritual wisdom.


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