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All Zodiacs Lucky Gemstone in 2018

 All Zodiacs Lucky Gemstone in 2018 Aries Lucky Gems for 2018


This zodiac sign is associated to Mars and that is why the astrologer expert should carry the Red Coral Gemstone. Apart from it coral having triangular shape is also regarded auspicious.


Taurus Lucky Gems for 2018


People must hold a Diamond as it belongs to lord of Taurus sign. Diamond is referred since it matches the beauty of the Venus and fetches the positivity to the wearer.


Gemini Lucky Gems for 2018


Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Emerald is the gemstone refereed to the folk of this Zodiac sign. It would be right to wear Emerald having a pentagon shape.


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Cancer Lucky Gems for 2018


It is ruled by Moon and people coming under this sing must wear a whole Pearl. Make sure that your gemstone must not have any holes. Having this gemstone brings a better control while making decision.


Leo Lucky Gems for 2018


Sun is the ruling Lord and wearing Red Ruby would be considered good. Round shape red ruby will bring a wide array of benefits to a wearer. It will take mental stress and anxieties away from you.


Virgo Lucky Gems for 2018


Emerald Gemstone is considered to wear as this zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury. It plays a major role to lift up the mental capabilities of the wearer.


Libra Lucky Gems for 2018


Venus rules this Zodiac sign and Diamond is the lucky gemstone. Wearing Diamond brings positive vibes to you. According to the experts, the right time to wear this lucky gemstone is Friday while occur Shukla Paksha.


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Scorpio Lucky Gems for 2018


This one also comes under the Mars and Red Coral is gemstone. Wearing it portrays a major role to bring improvement in your health.


Sagittarius Lucky Gems for 2018


The lucky gemstone for 2018 would be Yellow Sapphire as it brings desired positivity to you and keep the negativity away from you. Wearing this gemstone also motivates you to lift up the ratio of your knowledge and learning ability.


Capricorn Lucky Gems for 2018


For the folk belongs to this Zodiac sign must go for having Blue Sapphire. Wearing this gemstone double your will power, the prominent benefit is that it is quite beneficial for the folk engaged in security or police services.


Aquarius Lucky Gems for 2018


To please the lord Saturn, blue sapphire would be the lucky gemstone for 2018. You must wear it to get showered with happiness and desired success.


Pisces Lucky Gems for 2018


Jupiter is the lord of this Zodiac sign and Yellow Sapphire is considered the lucky gemstone for 2018 by the experts.


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