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Puja for Delay in Marriage

It is believed that marriage is the bridge for a balanced life which makes your journey meaningful through this life, but as we know there is a time for everything in life, even for marriage.


If your marriage getting delayed over and over, not able to find the right partner then we have the perfect solution for your problems, organize for yourself a puja with us today for your marriage, we can perform it either at your home, or any temple you choose, if not then we can also suggest a temple, puja prasad will be delivered to your place, video recording of puja as well.


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 Mangla Gauri Puja Mangla Gauri Puja
Mangal Gauri Puja and Yajna is done for early marriage and for finding a suitable life partner. For solving difficulties related to delayed marriage, marital problems and Mangala Dosha this is one of the most prescribed pujas.
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Puja for Delay in Marriage Puja for Delay in Marriage
Marriage is a vital part of every person’s life. It is necessary for every human being to get married. But sometimes, due to some known or unknown reasons, a person’s marriage is delayed.
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Gauri Shankar Puja for Marrital Dispute Gauri Shankar Puja for Marrital Dispute
The marital disputes sometimes become so common that a person loses the ability to have a peaceful life. If you are facing some marital problems that are worsening with time, then it is suggested.
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 Kamakhya Devi Puja Kamakhya Devi Puja
Maa kamakhya devi is most power ful devi among all Shakti devi ,there are 51 shakti peeths inall over the India ,Pakistan,Srilanka,and Nepal.kamakhya devi Shakti peeth is considered as powerful peeths as yoni of Goddess SATI.
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Vivah or Marriage Puja Vivah or Marriage Puja
Indian Wedding is considered to be a full packet of sacraments and celebrations. It creates and builds up a sacred and spiritual viewpoint in the life of the bride and the bridegroom.
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