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Aditya Shaligram

 Aditya Shaligram As all shaligram are dedicated to lord Vishnu so is this auspicious shaligram. This shaligram is the rarest of all and not easily available, it is believed that a person is under direct blessings of the lord if he receives this shaligram in his life.


According to legends shiva once in his rage burned a demon by the power of his third eye, this action of his led to the birth of a demon that was exactly a replica of him in every aspects , such as physical attributes and in terms of power and was known to the heavenly world by the name of Jalandhar.


The devtas were under his command and he headed for kailash itself to stop him the only way was to corrupt his wife vrinda who was a staunch follower of Lord Vishnu but Mahadev never agreed to such a malicious thing but the news was spread and reached jalandhar ears as well he attempted the same on devi parvati but was exposed and thrown out of the Kailash.


Outraged by this action Devi parvati seek help from Vishnu to do the same to his wife vrinda to seek revenge and Vishnu followed the order, when this revelation was made to vrinda she cursed the deity to turn into a shapeless black stone for eternity this is how all the shaligram were availed to the mankind


Benefits of Aditya Shaligram


  • Attracts money from all corners of life
  • Abundance and prosperity becomes your life long companion
  • Protects from harmful effects of your enemy
  • Can be worshiped at home, workplace and brings luck
  • All worldly materialistic pleasures are experienced


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