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About Us

We are, we established in year 2011 in the field of the Spirituality, in starting days we only provides the Kamiya Sindoor only for the wellness of the peoples. But when we measure that, by only Kamiya Sindoor there is not solution of all problems of the peoples.


After that we started to provide the consultation and suggestion for the all types of the relationship problems, legal matters solution, and career and finance problems solution, Dosha related problem solution and puja path services along with astrology services.


Now we provide each and every solution of the problems of the life of any people with the help of our Experts and Specialist of that particular field. We tried to vanish the problems not a quick solution for the limited time.


Our Aim


We as a team collaborated to help the mankind through religious means. Our sole purpose is to serve the society and resolve all its problems through spiritual means, people these days are forgetting that, we have been provided with all the necessary steps we must take to solve our problems and be in perfect harmony with the nature and god in our religious books that is Vedas but people in today’s busy life are forgetting the importance and value of it and we are here to provide the solution.


Who we are ?


We are a dedicated team of Scholars, Spiritual Healers, Spiritual Gurus, Kamakhya Sadhak, Fully Practicing Pandits, Vastu Experts, and Vedic Astrologers.


How we help ?


Everybody is so under the weather these days, problems do not come with a warning; they just come and destroys your peace and most of us loose hope really early before even giving it a fight but you need to realize that doing nothing about the issues you face will not come as a solution.


Well do not worry because we as an organization aim to resolve your problems completely may it be the problems related to your marriage and your relationship,career,money, business.


We do not just resolve your physical world problems but problems and difficulties you face by the wrong doings of others. We are a specialized team of people who are expert in spiritual and tantra fields that can provide you the solution. neither represents the temple,temple authorities or its trustees nor are the manufacturer/seller of Prasad products, but is solely a platform which connects you with certain individuals who shall perform donation(‘Service’) on your behalf. Accordingly, Kamiysindoor makes no representation or warranties of any kind express or implied as to the execution of the orders or the quality or delivery of Service. To the full extent permissible by applicable law, disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to the warranties of quality, service on fitness for a particular purpose.