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Kamakhya Devi is the goddess, whose temple is located in Assam; her temple is one of the fifty one shaktipeeth found in Indian sub-continent. Kamakhya Devi is the goddess who fulfills desires, according to legend much before the Vedic culture Lord shiva got married to Devi sati but her father disliked shiva at a great extent, as shiva used to live among all sort creatures, be it human, demons, beasts, ghosts and all others.


Sati’s father daksh prajapati once arranged a mahayagna in which he called all the great kings of earth, lords of heaven and all celestial beings but did not invited the husband of his own daughter lord shiva, this offended sati at a very deep level, she took it as great insult of her husband.


Devi sati asked her father to apologies to her husband, but he refused to do so and made fun of him instead, this angered devi sati even more and she jumped into the fire of the yagna, to make sure the yagna will be considered impure but devi sati was not a normal human being she was a goddess, so her soul immediately transferred to another body which we know as goddess parvati today.


seeing her wife dead, lord shiva became extremely angry and got into his rodraroop and took dead body of his wife and starting doing tandava, which shook whole of the universe, terrified with this all the heavenly lords “the devtas” went to lord Vishnu for help.


Lord Vishnu on hearing this followed lord shiva around the universe and released his most fierce weapon sudarshan chakra and cut of devi sati’s dead body into pieces, altogether these pieces fell at different place, where temple is formed to worship the goddess, one of which is Kamakhyadevi. Tantric from all over the country visit to this temple to seek blessings of kamakhyamaa, to attain special powers to be more powerful, those who seek blessings to fulfill their desires must visit the temple.