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Yoni Puja & Yoni Tantra

Yoni Puja Yoni Tantra

What is Yoni Puja?


There are many methods to worship the deity or the supreme source of us all and as two genders of everything is present so is the form of this source which is one but yet present in two forms which we call as adishakti.


Yoni puja is dedicated to this Shakti, first you need to understand the concept of yoni, it acts as a creation of energy to give rise to new form of energy which is the closest to the source from which everything has been created, and the universe itself has taken birth from an embryo of energy of nothingness.


Even the science today calls it as the big bang theory, this is the main concept behind yoni puja and must be performed only not in the presence of a pashu which is a Hindi word for animal but the meaning of this is that the puja must not be performed in presence of those who see it with animal nature which is the eye of seeing it as sexual act.


The puja is performed in two forms which is inner and outer ritual each of the form is dedicated to obtain result but different in proceeding such as in inner form the visualization is done by focusing on a painting, picture of some kind or through mediating or the outer form in which it involves yoni puja in presence of a woman and man only.


This puja must be performed only by those who fully understand the correct form of rituals associated with it otherwise it will not result in the fruitful benefits, mainly today this puja is done in the Kamakhya temple which is the part of fifty one shakti peetha and have its mention in the Kalki Puraan as well.


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