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What is Black Magic

What is Black Magic

Time and again ‘God’ has proved his presence in nature. There exist uncountable instances where the science itself gets baffled by nature. God has created nature and empowered it to maintain balance.


Nature has two colors that encompass all other colors, i.e. black and white. White symbolizes the positive energy as in day and black symbolizes the negative ones as in night.


As we believe in the white power of God we pray to, similarly, existthe black power of God harnessed by black magic, which is in real sense stronger than all prayers as it mostly targets a particular goal.



The Concept of Black Magic is Universal


Black Magic is universal in nature.It exists everywhere as the power of God. Apart from our Puranas, black magic also finds mention in Christianity as the evil Saitan as well in the Muslim culture.


Effects of Black Magic


  • It is very difficult to protect oneself from Black Magic as it is very powerful and the victim seldom realizes its presence and working.
  • Black Magic generally uses the power of spirits and evil, Vashikaran and various hexes mostly to cause harm to any targeted victim physically, emotionally, socially, monetarily, etc.
  • It is even widely used to attract love. Thus, black magic is capable of taking away everything from you once you are targeted, even your life.


How to Remove Black Magic


There are some definite ways to remove the Black Magic:


  • The First method is by the Black Magic Puja
  • By the Worship of the any God and Goddess
  • With the Help for the Kamakhya Devi Products like KamiyaSindoor
  • By the Spells of the Black Magic
  • By the Black Magic Removal Mantra
  • By using the energized Religious Products


You may actually be hexed or victimized by black magic, believe it. You may actually be unaware about it. But you need to save yourself.


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