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Vivah Pujan Kit

  Vivah Pujan Kit Vivah is one of the great days as it’s celebrated as the unity of two souls. As per Hindu Religion, wedding is a very auspicious day. And wedding will not be accomplished without performing Vivah Puja.

There are many rituals which are performed at the time of wedding puja. Wedding Puja is considered very essential for a respectful and happy married life. In today’s fast paced life, we hardly get enough time to arrange all things within no time.

There are a lot of thing to do in wedding and we never wish to miss any sorts of things. We are here to solve you vivah Pujan samagri related problem. No need to go anywhere else as Vivah Puja kit is available at reasonable price.

Vivah Pujan Samagari Kit

Wedding has always been special for the bride and groom. If there is a wedding in your house that mean you must all set to handle a lot of tasks. And in this great hustle- bustle, it becomes a little bit tough to arrange Vivah Pujan Samagri but now there is a solution called Vivah Puja Kit.

It has been prepared after considering our experienced priest who has been done a number of wedding puja. All sorts of essential pujan samagri have been mentioned in this kit.

All the material is sacred and quality based. As per your convenience, the material available in this kit can be customized.

Let’s have a look what is being carried in this special Vivah Puja Kit.

Lagan Samagri Packet, Hawan Samagri Packet and Ghee, Rice One Pound, Supari, Mauli, Cotton, AgarBatti, Milk, Yogurt, Ghee, Honey, Sugar, Flower, Fruits of 5 varieites, Sweets, Betel leaves, Coconut, Alumunum foil, Red cloth, Idol of god, Thali-05, Katori-05, Spoon-02, Lota-01, Glass -01, Jay Mala, Chunni, Mangal Sutra, Sindoor, Silver Coin, Murmurey