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Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in 2016

 Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in 2016

Are you one of them going to purchase a new vehicle? If you nodded YES!!! Then, we would like to congratulate you. You might have already considered with your family members like which colour would be right to select, which Registration Number will go along with your personality or taste and what kinds of ornaments would be right to add unique style to your scooter/car/bike.


But, let me ask you if you have considered which day would be right to take delivery or which time would suit you to take possession of the vehicle? To put in other words, if you have paid your attention over Vehicle Purchase Muhurat or Not. It’s being suggested here that don’t go for buying vehicle without consulting a lucky date otherwise it can be harmful to you.


If you need Vehicle Purchase Muhurat as per Birth details Directly from Pandit Ji, then Cost is Rs. 551. Call 9818543616.


How The Auspicious Day Is Calculated ?


Whether you are going to buy a scooter, car or bike, considered the lucky date can turn this vehicle into the lucky vehicle. The auspicious day is calculated on the basis of Panchang Suddhi. After doing Panchang Suddhi, it becomes easy to bring out auspicious date and time to buy a vehicle.


Which Type Of Nakshatras Are Considered Best To Buy Vehicle?


To buy vehicle, Movable Nakshatra Punarvasu, Sharvana, Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha and Swati are considered best. Apart from the above mentioned, there are some others sweet and small Nakshatras also play a wide role to purchase vehicle. Being a distinguished online shopping, we are exploring here a list having auspicious date, day and timing. This list has been prepared on the basis of Nakshatra, Tithi, Lagna and many other Panchang aspects.


Which Month Would Be Good To Take Possession Of Vehicle?


Before taking possession of a newly purchased vehicle, there is a great need to decide the day and which month would be suit to you. In Ashada, the delivery of car gets very slow since it does not consider auspicious in the context of buying a car or for taking its possession. The position of the moon plays a vital role to affect the decision of a buyer. It’s considered good to buy vehicle up to 5 days before and after full moon day while 6 to 10 days before and after full moon day is considered average. But 11 to 15 days after full mood day is not considered good to buy or for taking possession of the vehicle.


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat 2016:-


Let’s check out all the months in order to come across that which time, day and Nakshatra is going to best for vehicle purchasing.


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in January 2016:-


Date Day Vehicle Buying Muhurat Nakshatra
01st January 2016 Friday 09:38 PM to Next Day 06:50 AM Hasta
04th January 2016 Monday 06:50 AM to Next Day 05:17 AM Swaati
21st January 2016 Thursday 09:19 AM to 08:17 PM Mrigashirsha
24th January 2016 Sunday 06:53 AM to 08:44 PM Pushya
29th January 2016 Friday 06:52 AM to Next Day 06:52 AM Hasta
31st January 2016 Sunday 07:43 PM to Next Day 06:51 AM Swaati


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in February 2016:-


01st February 2016 Monday 06:51 AM to 01:46 PM Swaati
03rd February 2016 Wednesday 06:51 AM to 06:09 PM Anuradha
12th February 2016 Friday 09:16 AM to Next Day 06:39 AM Revati
17th February 2016 Wednesday 06:45 AM to Next Day 02:14 AM Mrigashirsha
19th February 2016 Friday 09:26 PM to Next Day 06:44 AM Punarvasu, Pushya
25th February 2016 Thursday 12:24 PM to Next Day 06:04 AM Hasta
28th February 2016 Sunday 06:39 AM to 09:30 PM Swaati


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in March 2016:


06th March 2016 Sunday 03:35 PM to Next Day 06:33 AM Shravana, Dhanishta
07th March 2016 Monday 06:33 AM to 01:20 PM Dhanishta
11th March 2016 Friday 06:30 AM to 03:42 PM Revati
17th March 2016 Thursday 09:32 AM to Next Day 06:25 AM Punarvasu
18th March 2016 Friday 06:25 AM to Next Day 06:24 AM Punarvasu, Pushya
23rd March 2016 Wednesday 07:07 PM to Next Day 06:20 AM Hasta
24th March 2016 Thursday 06:20 AM to 08:00 PM Hasta
28th March 2016 Monday 07:05 AM to Next Day 06:16 AM Anuradha


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in April 2016:-


03rd April 2016 Sunday 06:12 AM to Next Day 05:37 AM Shravana, Dhanishta
11th April 2016 Monday 06:06 AM to Next Day 06:05 AM Rohini, Mrigashirsha
14th April 2016 Thursday 06:04 AM to 09:29 PM Punarvasu, Pushya
21st April 2016 Thursday 08:20 AM to Next Day 05:58 AM Chitra
22nd April 2016 Friday 05:58 AM to Next Day 05:58 AM Chitra, Swaati
24th April 2016 Sunday 03:34 AM to Next Day 05:57 AM Anuradha
25th April 2016 Monday 05:57 AM to 03:40 PM Anuradha


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in May 2016:-


01st May 2016 Sunday 07:23 AM to Next Day 05:53 AM Dhanishta, Shatabhisha
02nd May 2016 Monday 05:53 AM to 08:09 PM Shatabhisha
04th May 2016 Wednesday 04:01 PM to Next Day 05:51 AM Revati
08th May 2016 Sunday 05:51 PM to Next Day 05:50 AM Rohini, Mrigashirsha
09th May 2016 Monday 05:50 AM to 02:52 PM Mrigashirsha
11th May 2016 Wednesday 05:49 AM to Next Day 05:48 AM Punarvasu, Pushya
12th May 2016 Thursday 05:48 AM to 10:05 AM Pushya
18th May 2016 Wednesday 07:52 PM to Next Day 05:46 AM Chitra
19th May 2016 Thursday 05:46 AM to 10:22 PM Chitra, Swaati
22nd May 2016 Sunday 05:46 AM to 09:34 PM Anuradha
27th May 2016 Friday 05:45 AM to Next Day 05:45 AM Shravana, Dhanishta
29th May 2016 Sunday 06:18 AM to Next Day 03:22 AM Shatabhisha


If you need Vehicle Purchase Muhurat as per Birth details Directly from Pandit Ji, then Cost is Rs. 551. Call 9818543616.


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in June 2016:-


01st June 2016 Wednesday 05:44 AM to 09:49 PM Revati
15th June 2016 Wednesday 05:45 AM to Next Day 05:45 AM Chitra, Swaati
16th June 2016 Thursday 05:45 AM to 09:54 AM Swaati
23rd June 2016 Thursday 09:09 AM to 05:04 PM Shravana
24th June 2016 Friday 04:31 PM to Next Day 05:47 AM Dhanishta


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in July 2016:-


11th July 2016 Monday 05:11 PM to Next Day 05:52 AM Hasta, Chitra
15th July 2016 Friday 09:36 AM to Next Day 02:08 AM Anuradha
20th July 2016 Wednesday 04:04 PM to Next Day 03:45 AM Shravana
22nd July 2016 Friday 05:56 AM to Next Day 01:16 AM Dhanishta, Shatabhisha
25th July 2016 Monday 12:26 PM to 07:45 PM Revati
29th July 2016 Friday 06:41 AM to Next Day 05:14 AM Rohini


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in August 2016:-


07th August 2016 Sunday 06:29 AM to Next Day 06:01 AM Hasta
08th August 2016 Monday 06:01 AM to Next Day 06:01 AM Hasta, Chitra
10th August 2016 Wednesday 10:38 AM to 02:52 PM Swaati
12th August 2016 Friday 03:01 PM to 08:17 PM Anuradha
17th August 2016 Wednesday 04:27 PM to Next Day 06:03 AM Shravana, Dhanishta
18th August 2016 Thursday 06:03 AM to Next Day 06:03 AM Dhanishta, Shatabhisha
19th August 2016 Friday 06:03 AM to 01:00 PM Shatabhisha
22nd August 2016 Monday 06:04 AM to 04:58 PM Revati
25th August 2016 Thursday 12:06 PM to 08:07 PM Rohini
26th August 2016 Friday 06:13 PM to Next Day 06:04 AM Mrigashirsha
28th August 2016 Sunday 09:18 AM to 03:21 PM Punarvasu
29th August 2016 Monday 02:29 PM to Next Day 06:05 AM Pushya


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in September 2016:-


04th September 2016 Sunday 06:06 AM to 06:54 PM Hasta Chitra
14th September 2016 Wednesday 07:02 AM to Next Day 05:27 AM Shravana, Dhanishta


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in October 2016:-


03rd October 2016 Monday 10:05 AM to Next Day 05:42 AM Swaati
05th October 2016 Wednesday 03:05 PM to Next Day 06:10 AM Anuradha
06th October 2016 Thursday 06:10 AM to 11:41 AM Anuradha
12th October 2016 Wednesday 06:11 AM to 09:14 PM Dhanishta, Shatabhisha
16th October 2016 Sunday 06:12 AM to 11:14 AM Revati
19th October 2016 Wednesday 07:32 PM to Next Day 06:14 AM Rohini, Mrigashirsha
20th October 2016 Thursday 06:14 AM to 10:15 PM Mrigashirsha
23rd October 2016 Sunday 06:14 AM to 12:28 AM Pushya
28th October 2016 Friday 06:16 AM to 06:20 PM Hasta


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in November 2016:-


02nd November 2016 Wednesday 06:18 AM to 05:57 PM Anuradha
07th November 2016 Monday 01:09 PM to Next Day 06:21 AM Shravana, Dhanishta
09th November 2016 Wednesday 12:45 PM to Next Day 04:09 AM Shatabhisha
16th November 2016 Wednesday 11:42 AM to Next Day 06:25 AM Mrigashirsha
18th November 2016 Friday 06:26 AM to Next Day 06:26 AM Punarvasu, Pushya
24th November 2016 Thursday 09:21 AM to Next Day 06:30 AM Hasta
27th November 2016 Sunday 06:31 AM to 12:46 PM Swaati


If you need Vehicle Purchase Muhurat as per Birth details Directly from Pandit Ji, then Cost is Rs. 551. Call 9818543616.


Vehicle Purchase Muhurat in December 2016:-


04th December 2016 Sunday 09:08 AM to Next Day 06:36 AM Shravana
05th December 2016 Monday 06:36 AM to Next Day 02:56 AM Shravana, Dhanishta
07th December 2016 Wednesday 06:37 AM to 11:41 AM Shatabhisha
09th December 2016 Friday 10:12 AM to Next Day 06:39 AM Revati
14th December 2016 Wednesday 06:41 AM to 06:52 PM Mrigashirsha
16th December 2016 Friday 06:42 AM to 08:35 PM Punarvasu, Pushya
21st December 2016 Wednesday 04:12 PM to 08:17 PM Hasta
23rd December 2016 Friday 06:46 AM to Next Day 06:46 AM Chitra, Swaati
26th December 2016 Monday 06:47 AM to Next Day 06:27 AM Anuradha


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