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Remedies For Vastu


Significance of Vastu


Vastu is related to the enrgy field in which we live, this would be easier to understand by that everything in the universe have an energy of its own.


Bigger objects tend thier energy on smaller objects such as the panets ,stars and celestial bodies have a very strong enrgy and it affects our life, similar is the ergy of earth its a panet with life , so the enrgy field is even stronger on our own.


So everywhere we live the place also exerts its own enrgy in our life and the problem arises when our own life force energy is not in the sync with this energy that is present in the place and this causes difficultis in our life.



A correct vastu can channnelise everything good in your life while a bad vastu can make your life most troubled.


How it affects you?


Bad vastu can affect your life in following ways such as


  • Most commonly it affects your health and creates imbalance in your body which give rise to tension, anxiety and serious deseases as well.
  • Affects your businness and career environment.
  • Attracts enemies in your life for no reason.
  • Creates conficts and fight between the couples which may lead to separation.
  • In some extreme cases presence of paranormal beings such as ghosts and spirits can create havoc in your life.
  • Accidents and death can also be observed in some cases.


All of this will enable you to be in better control of your life and avoid unnecessary anxiety of uncertainty.


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