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Vashikaran vidhi

Vashikaran Vidhi is a process how to perform Vashikaran and get your work done. As per our Ancient Method there are many ways to do Vashikaran and get result in your favor.


This Vashikaran Vidhi will perform only on Amavasya or Purnima.


Vashikaran Vidhi Process:-


1. Chant This Mantra in 21 Mala daily starting from Amavasya/Purnima.


2. Wear Red cloth, Red Asan, Red Sandal wood Mala & Tilak of kamiya sindoor.


3. Put Vashikaran yantra On Red cloth Asan and chant mantra with Red sandal wood Mala.


4. Facing should be in North or East.


5. Timing of Puja Mid Night At. 12.


6. Do this process daily for 27 days and result will come. You will see the result within 7 days things will get change.


There are some hidden facts which we cannot open it on the internet as we have to follow some protocols and Vashikaran vidhi get change as per cases. So do not follow this without our advice.