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Vashikaran Puja

 Vashikaran Puja

Vashikaran simply means to control a person. It is an ancient method in which one person casts a spell on another person and brings that person under his or her control. This Puja is very critical for people who want to control their enemies or their loved ones.


Mantra of the Vashikaran Puja:


OM KSHAN KSHAM KSHAH SAU H H SAH: THAH: THAH: THAH: THAH: SWAHA. You need to jap (recite) this mantra 21000 times and make the food energized. Eat the food and remember the person you want to control.


Who should perform the Vashikaran Puja?


Only an expert pundit should perform this puja. If you want to perform this puja yourself, you must make sure that the pundit is present at the time you are performing this puja. If the pundit is not available, you should make sure that you follow all the instructions given by the pundit when you perform this puja on your own.


Benefits of the Vashikaran Puja:


As the name suggests, this puja will help you to bring a person totally under your control. You will have the liberty to make him or her do your bidding. Some of the main benefits of this puja are:


  • It will help you to get your loved one back.
  • It will assist you to control your husband or wife.
  • It will help you to control your enemies.
  • It will also help you take revenge from someone
  • This puja will also help you to get what you desire from any person, be it love, attention or even money.


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