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Vashikaran Bhasm

  Vashikaran Bhasm

Vashikaran bhasam is very popular &authentic andpowerful tantric products use for controlling or vashikaran process, people uses this bhasam for tilak on forhead. When you putthis bhasam over forhead you feel that opposite person attract with you, his /her mind will be under your control. We also provide you all method or instruction how to use this vashikaranbhasam.


The person who want to attract one or men, women, girl, lovers, couple at a time use this vashikranbhasam. This bhasam has attractive power to control mind of opposite person like male, female or any animal,which you want and full fill your desire. Vashikaranbhasam is use for love related issue, relationship issue, family problems, boyfriend vashikaran , girlfriend vashikaran ,enemy vashikaran , all vashikaran related problems in your life.


Vashikaran bhasam is most powerful and very effective solution to control opposite person mind, body and soul.Vashikaranbhasam is generated by process of havan or mantra chanting in vashikaran puja. Vashikaranbhasam, is used by many tantric, sadhu, priest for vashikranpuja,kalaJadoo (black magic), evil eye effect only used for good purposes or intention.


Vashikaran Bhasam Mantra


"OmKuruKuru (Person Name) BhasamPhatSwaha!"


How to use vashikaran bhasam :vashikaran bhasam is ash or rakh taken from havankundin which sadhu , tantric perform havan puja , yagna for vedic rituals. Use this vashikranbhasam on Monday or Saturday in night, and chant mantra 108 times after that uses this vashikaranbhasam to control person mind and body.


Vashikaran Bhasam Benefits


  • It can attract the person that you desire.
  • Vashikaran bhasam increase good luck, success&power.
  • It can fulfill all your desire that you want to achieve.
  • It enhancescourage,knowledge, confidence & intelligence.
  • It can protect from evil effects, misfortune and bad habits.
  • It can help to improve spiritual and mediation power.


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