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Twelve Jyotirling

Jyotirling story goes back in time long before the existence of humans and most of the creatures. It was the time when only three supreme beings existed Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, once an argument of superiority arised between Vishnu and brahma, both of them were agile on believing themselves the most superior.


While they were having this argument a source of light appeared in front of them which was of infinite length and it was almost impossible for the deities to see its end, so both decided on going upwards and down to seek the end of the source.


Brahma went up the sky and Vishnu below the ground both came back without being able to find the end but brahma falsely claimed that he did found the end of the source but Vishnu being humble accepted his defeat and stayed truthful of not being able to find the end.


What happened next was something extraordinary as from the center of the source shiva appeared whose presence was undoubtedly spell bounding for both and without a delay both accepted that there is third power that is the most powerful and superior of all and that was Shiva.


In all together when shiva appeared from the source some points of its source fell on the ground which today is known as twelve jyotirling.


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