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Tulsi Mala

Tulsi Mala

Tulsi is considered very auspicious in Hindu religion. Tulsi tree is worshipped by married women for the all round development of their family. Tulsi has great healing power.


Tulsi mala is made by the 108 beads of tulsi tree. This mala is mostly used by the worshipper of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that the wearer of this mala gets the blessing of the Lord Vishnu. And he gets the spiritual attainment and all the material happiness in the life.


Benefits of the Tulsi Mala


There are many benefits of Tulsi tree. You can simply eat tulsi leave to get rid of cold. Tulsi mala builds strong confidence and helps you to fight against the problems of day to day life.


The wearer of tulsi mala is able to fight against all the odds of life and to get a victory. Some other advantages of Tulsi mala are given below.


  • It cures many health complications
  • It builds strong will power and confidence
  • It makes both financial and spiritual growth
  • It helps you to get final emancipation
  • It takes you nearer to lord Vishnu
  • It cures a headache, bold pressure and psychological issues
  • It helps to improve concentration
  • It helps to make progress in education and to chose the right career option
  • It brings fortune and luck in life
  • It helps to fight against stress and pressure
  • It fills life with all the worldly pleasures


You can get all the above benefits by simply wearing a tulsi mala. If you find it difficult to wear it, you can hold it. That will bring the same results. To get the maximum benefit, you should know how to wear and when to wear. Consult a pandit to know the time and date of wearing.


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