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Tripur Sundari Yantra

 Tripur Sundari Yantra

Mata Tripura is very powerful. It is believed that she has given birth to the three worlds. She is known as the beauty of three worlds. She blesses her devotees with all happiness and pleasure. She fulfills all the desires of her devotees.


Tripura Sundari Yantra has the combined power of love, joy, beauty, and happiness. So, the worshipper of this Yantra will get all the above things in his/her life.


It is believed that by worshipping this Yantra, the worshipper becomes the closer of Mata Tripura and Mata opens the door of peace, harmony, success and prosperity for the worshipper. She guides her devotees in every field of life and blesses with unending peace and happiness.


How to worship Tripura SundariYantra


To get all the above benefits, you should know how to worship this Yantra and which direction will be appropriate for the placement. If you are planning to worship this Yantra then go through the following guidelines to please Mata Tripura and to get her blessings.


First of all, clean your body and mind, and then place this Yantra in a purified and peaceful environment, facing east or the north direction. After that clean the Yantra with milk or rose water and apply sandalwood paste on the Yantra.


Once all the preparation is done, worship the Yantra with dried fruits, flowers, incense sticks, and Diya. Concentrate on the Yantra and ask Mata Tripura to fulfill all your desires and wishes.


Benefits of the Yantra


This Yantra has many benefits. It takes you nearer to Mata Tripura and helps you to fulfill all your spiritual and material desires. Some of the other benefits of this Yantra are given below.


  • It brings peace and harmony into life
  • It opens path for new opportunities
  • It blesses with a good health and peaceful environment
  • It brings prosperity and success
  • It makes spiritual and material advancements
  • It removes all the obstacles from life
  • It fills life with beauty and pleasure

Worship Tripura Sundari Yantra to get all the above benefits.


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