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Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling


Trimbakeshwar jyotirling is one the twelve jyotirling which are dedicated to bhagwan shiva and found across the Indian sub-continent. This temple is located in the Nasik district of the state Maharashtra but the locals address this place as Trimbak.


The temple is made of beautiful black stone which is carved in magnanimous and mesmerizing stones, the extraordinary thing about the temple is that it is considered to be the origin place of Godavari river which is a name given to river Ganga which is the largest river in the India Sub-continent. The construction of the temple was ordered by great Nanasaheb the son of Peshwa Baji Rao.


According to the mythological legends much before the origin of our world the universe was a consist of only three major powers and it was Lord brahma and lord Vishnu who went into the quarrel of being the most supreme as there was no one else to challenge, both tried to show off their powers but no decision came which may accept the superiority of one over another, suddenly the contest was disturbed by the presence of a lightning pillar that divided the universe from middle, both were awestruck by its presence and decided to find the end of the pillar and whoever find the end first will be declared the winner, they both went into the opposite direction and came back defeated as they were unable to find the end but brahma lied that did found the end of the pillar, on hearing this lord vishnu accepted his defeat but suddenly the pillar of light broke from its center and its pieces were spread among the universe and a power of extreme aura came out of it which was none other than shiva both were spell bounded by his presence and excepted him the supreme power in universe, later the pieces of the pillar which distributed fell on earth and are known as the twelve jyotirling.


Some interesting facts about Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling


  • The river Godavari originates from this temple

  • At the opposite of the temple is small nandi temple is located

  • The temple was built by Nanasaheb the son of Peshwa Baji Rao


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