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Testimonial We are all about our customer’s satisfaction, as we are here for helping people through spiritual means and by god’s grace we are been appreciated for our services from our customers throughout the world, this boosts our aim to help more and more people to solve their problems and provide them spiritual and happy life.


Some of our customers have left reviews are listed below:


We bought Kamiya Sindoor from this website for our Business Success and finance problems, we got in the stone form of the sindoor, I was expecting the sindoor in powder form, but when I see it, it was a stone form in the reddish color in the yellow plastic transparent box.


It was energized by the Kamiya Sindoor Vedic Experts; I follow the complete Vidhi suggested by the Kamiya Sindoor for the worship. After that my business increases and got more profits in the upcoming next months. In previous times I was not attached with completely in by business but nowadays I am giving all my times because I am getting the profit. S.K.Das Gupta- 2014, Maharashtra India


I was in problem of the Relationship with my Husband; I tried to solve the problems by using many other spiritual products and services, but no effect, day by day it become more difficult for me. But when I used Kamiya Sindoor in powder form, there were some sparkle pieces in this with my original sindoor according to the Kamiya Sindoor.


I got positive response from my Husband and from me also because first there was a lot of anger between us but now we give respects to one another. Also we are caring to one another this time, and not fight. It is the blessing of the Ma Kamakhya by which I get my love in my life. S Neetu Kashyap, 2014 Rajasthan, India


I am a small Business Man, in the starting days I earn more and more money but all money finished very soon, also I was unable to stop the money from the invest. When I use the remedies suggested by kamiya sindoor team in my office at the puja and money place then it benefits me. Now I am full control over my money I have earned or earning. I am very happy now that is true the story behind the use of rare products. S Kailash Dhingra, 2014, Gurgaon India.


In the Diwali, I ordered the complete Diwali Puja Kit from this website, I was little surprised because it was 31 items I got for the Puja. Also when I talked to this website contact no then they told me the complete process how to worship by using these products. Thanks Kamiya Sindoor. S Pt. Giriraj Shastri, 2015, Gujarat, India



It was little costly but I perform the Puja with the help of the PanditJi in Delhi. From that time I am very happy and no other negative effect I faced. The best thing is that for any religious question I contact to Kamiya Sindoor till today. S Ramit Jha- 2015, Bihar India


I am a content writer, any I got married in Year 2014 for this I am very thankful to this website, I want to write the name of the Pandit ji but they told me that write the name of the website not mine.


Delay in marriage was my problem but with the help of this website I perform the Mangla Gauri Puja by which I got married in 2014. Now I am happy with my wife in Karnataka. S Dharmendra Pandey, 2014, Karnataka


I got very good consultation from this website in terms of the career, I was not getting job after doing my graduation, when I shared the birth details they told me that you are suffering from the kundali dosh and they suggested me the remedy after that I good a good chance in the reputed company. S Vinita Garg, 2015 Chennai, India


I bought many puja products from this website all these are via Cash on Delivery they are all original and as per the expectation, little bit costly but I am satisfied, in past Diwali I bought Diwali puja kit from there and got many small-small puja products, good job kamiya I am very happy with this website and team members. Senthil, 2016 Tamilnadu, India


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